Odyssey School of Fine Arts

NeaYi - 3 ft x 3 ft x 4 ft

As an artist I often entertain thoughts of how my art is like life itself. In life are we not always placing pieces of thoughts and information
together to perhaps answer a question or to gain a better understanding of a relationship or a math problem? The mosaic demands a conscious decision for each glass tile selected. The individual parts connect to make a unique whole. The substance glass can be fragile, smooth, sharp, transparent, opaque, colorful, and very dense when combined with cement.  To me the tiles represent the distinctly human choice to perceive every moment as if for the very first time. The outcomes evolve with each choice made.

 In Nea Yis, a new earth is emerging only as the outer shell cracks open. The tiles suggest earth’s geographic features:  continents, tectonic plates and ice melt. Their direction displays the dynamic movement of ocean and air currents – energy forces that play a subliminal part in directing the choices we make every day. In this way, earth is internal to us…it is part of our very being.

- Ceres