Art for everyone.

Private Lessons
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Subjects include:
Drawing / Painting, Clay Pottery, Mosaics, Music,
Yoga, Dance, Sculpture, Workshops, and More.


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We are committed to helping children and adults acquire knowledge, skills and understanding of the arts to be used as the foundation for a lifetime of arts experience. Odyssey is offering classes for everyone at our great, new location; The Studio - Greenfield's Performance and Visual Arts Center.


Art/Creativity pulls from our instincts and instincts deal in shades of many colors. Creativity goes beyond black and white answers. Our teachers create an environment where students gain confidence to trust their own instincts. High standards of quality work and process is the framework used to communicate with each student at their level of development and our multi-use space is comfortable and inviting.

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Summer 2018

Block Printing 
Create your own personal stamps. Using carving tools, as in woodworking, carve a design into a block and discover the printing process. Make greeting cards, cover journals, print fabric and wrapping paper! It's endless! Take the stamps home after class to use again and again.

Ages: 8- 80
July 9th-12th

All About Color
How does color affect your life? What colors are to attracted to? What colors look good on you? Does the color red have special meaning?
Learn how to mix colors using acrylic paint. Understand the foundation of painting. Paint on canvas applying your new found knowledge. Notice your surroundings in a more informed way!

Ages 8-80
July 16th-19th, Monday-Thursday 9am-12pm

Drawing Down the Bones 
Have you ever wanted to know what's underneath things? Like x-ray vision? In this class we will explore the skeletal system of humans and animals. Look closely at the bones of cows, deer, even a bat! Drawing structure helps us to understand and see our world as it really works.

Ages: 8-80
July 23rd- 26th

Private Lessons in Painting

Cost $10 per hour
We love to teach adults as well. Let us know your interests and we will work something out. If you can get two or more friends to join you then you can pay group rates.

Things you need to know

Students may pack a snack to fuel all the creative energy. Payment is due on or before the first day of class. Personal checks or credit cards are accepted.
Any missed classes are to be made up before the end of a session.



Community Art Project Workshop 2012

Interested students can participate in a community art project from its conception to its completion. Using their own developed criteria, students will design and install a mosaic mural. For more information click here.

Studentsmay participate in a community art project from its conception to its completion. Using their own developed criteria, students will collaborate to design and create a mosaic mural. AHCGroup is the local, global business firm sponsoring the project. The firms link is You can refer also to for a sense of their world of work which we will be encompassing in the mural.

This commision gives Odyssey the opportunity to administer students in creating an original mosaic mural for a local, global business. This is a great chance for Odyssey’s alumni to learn new skills associated with investigation of a real world (authentic) topic of interest.

Guidance and instruction involves the following topics:
• A history of mosaics to contemporary design
• Understanding high stakes when creating art for permanent exhibition.
• Giving and receiving feedback; critiques of performances – peer review
• Time management
• Organizational skills
• Facilitating presentations and public relations
• Documentation
• Job shadowing; students will observe risks that accompany all creative works in progress.
• Accountability; each student has a job to perform that will result in a real project.
It is a rare opportunity to find this level of participation in a Community Project. If you do commit, I guarantee a meaningful experience unlike any other. Look through the Public art pages in this website to learn more.