Art for everyone.

Private Lessons
Things you need to know

Subjects include:
Drawing / Painting, Clay Pottery, Mosaics, Music,
Yoga, Dance, Sculpture, Workshops, and More.


Classes Art Classes

We are committed to helping children and adults acquire knowledge, skills and understanding of the arts to be used as the foundation for a lifetime of arts experience. Odyssey is offering classes for everyone at our great, new location; The Studio - Greenfield's Performance and Visual Arts Center.


Art/Creativity pulls from our instincts and instincts deal in shades of many colors. Creativity goes beyond black and white answers. Our teachers create an environment where students gain confidence to trust their own instincts. High standards of quality work and process is the framework used to communicate with each student at their level of development and our multi-use space is comfortable and inviting.

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SUMMER/FALL 2014 / 2015 undergoing RENOVATIONS

2014 Summer Schedule is listed below. Odysssey has 6 fantastic teachers preparing for this summer's events and classes. We are offering YOGA, HULA-HOOPING, PERCUSSION MUSIC, along with CLAY, POTTERY, DRAWING and PAINTING and MOSAICS.. So hold on to your hats if you want to dance in the streets with us this July and August ....

Thank you all and as always, I am very much looking forward to this summer and the magic that accompanies these thoughtful art programs.

--------------------- Ceres



Session I
July 7 - 11
9 – 1pm
Ages 9 +     
$145; $10 materials *
The goal of this course is to encourage “seeing” like an artist to develop further skills. Drawing from life accurately using the fundamental skills of proportion, alignment, contour, and light and shade will be included in instruction. Various media together with large format for more expressive drawing will be encouraged. Through demonstrations, original exercises, group and one-on-one guidance, students are encouraged to realize their own strengths in drawing.

Session II     July 14 - 18 
Session IV    August 11 - 15
Ages 8 +       9- 1 pm   
$130each session; $45 materials*
Students will work both on the potter’s wheel and hand building in clay. In hand-building, we teach construction techniques including coil, slab and sculpting.  At the wheel you learn basic skills like centering, coning, pulling and shaping. Attention to detail and good work is emphasized.

A 5-day camp costs $175 (a sibling attending may discount the materials fee) for use of studio facilities/tools, material, instruction and firings of the pieces made. Pieces can be picked up 7-10 business days after the end of a camp.
Students wanting extended supervised hours to work with clay may stay till 4 pm beginning Tuesday of that week.  It will cost $50 additional for the week or $15 / day.


Session III
July 21 - 25
Ages 8-80
This workshop will focus on hula hooping with a combination of yoga & dance. Students will be able to make their very own colorful hula hoop and they will learn some basic yoga flows & stretches as well as dance and tricks all while using the hula hoop. This workshop is great for first time hoopers as well as those with experience. Bellyaches from too much laughing can be serious side effects of this class.  * see Things You Should Know for more information.
Instructed by Robyn Filkins

Session V
August 4 - 8
Ages 5-7+    
10 – 1pm

Come join the fun! Build strength, endurance, coordination and balance. Gain confidence and focus.  This class will combine the body movements learned from yoga with large and small scale drawing guidance to further awareness at this early developmental age. 
Instructed by Lisa Bzdell, MSPT, RYT


Session VII
August 18 - 22
Ages 8-80   
9:30 - 1:30
$185, $15 materials*

Creating paintings from start to finsh. Acrylics and mixed media. Be ready to amaze yourself..

Instructor: Sharon Lombardi, Odyssey's gifted painting teacher. With Sharon, students are here to be and act as artists. She creates a learning arena of activity, inspiration and fun. If you love art, this class is not to be missed.

Ceres is a self-taught mosaic artist and has been creating mosaics for public and private spaces for 16 years. You may view some of her personal artwork in the biography page of this website.


Fall  workshop
Ages Adults Mondays Oct. 27 - Dec 1, 6 – 8 pm
$220 includes materials
This workshop will be a great starting point to learn how to makemosaics and to create a lasting gift at the same time. During the week, we will utilize the direct method of applying tesserae, the small bits of glass used to form a mosaic. lLearn how to cut and shape vitreous glass tiles, Italian smalti and stained glass along with which adhesive to use to create and finish a tile to display in the home or give as a gift. The cost includes use of all tools and materials. Students are encouraged to bring in any favorite objects (shells, marbles, old jewelry, etc.) that they may want to incorporate into the design.

NOTE * Material fees payable by check along withregistration forms. Feel free to call 518-791-8590 for more information.

Private Lessons

Cost $10 per hour
Instruction in throwing on the wheel, handbuilding, and glazing available for ages 12 and up. Cost includes one on one instruction. Includes use of tools, studio equipment, and shelf space for work in progress. Ten pounds of clay is included with initial lesson, after that $1 per pound and includes bisque firing.

We love to teach adults as well. Let us know your interests and we will work something out. If you can get two or more girlfriends to join you then you can pay group rates. Or try the Fall Clay class.

Things you need to know

What to Wear:
 Please wear fitting comfortable clothes, yoga clothes, workout clothes, etc...preferably made of cotton (slippery synthetic clothes are not conducive for hooping!!). The more form fitting the clothes the better it is for hooping. And remember, your hoop loves skin!!!!  Baggy clothes can be cumbersome for hooping, less is more!  MOST IMPORTANT:  Be comfortable! We've found that a tank top and some comfy yoga/exercise pants work best.
Hoops are provided and/or are for sale but feel free to bring your own hoop if you have one. Beginner hoops range in price from $20 - 30.

Students may pack a snack to fuel all the creative energy. Payment is due on or before the first day of class. Personal checks or credit cards are accepted.
Any missed classes are to be made up before the end of a session.



Community Art Project Workshop 2012

Interested students can participate in a community art project from its conception to its completion. Using their own developed criteria, students will design and install a mosaic mural. For more information click here.

Studentsmay participate in a community art project from its conception to its completion. Using their own developed criteria, students will collaborate to design and create a mosaic mural. AHCGroup is the local, global business firm sponsoring the project. The firms link is You can refer also to for a sense of their world of work which we will be encompassing in the mural.

This commision gives Odyssey the opportunity to administer students in creating an original mosaic mural for a local, global business. This is a great chance for Odyssey’s alumni to learn new skills associated with investigation of a real world (authentic) topic of interest.

Guidance and instruction involves the following topics:
• A history of mosaics to contemporary design
• Understanding high stakes when creating art for permanent exhibition.
• Giving and receiving feedback; critiques of performances – peer review
• Time management
• Organizational skills
• Facilitating presentations and public relations
• Documentation
• Job shadowing; students will observe risks that accompany all creative works in progress.
• Accountability; each student has a job to perform that will result in a real project.
It is a rare opportunity to find this level of participation in a Community Project. If you do commit, I guarantee a meaningful experience unlike any other. Look through the Public art pages in this website to learn more.