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Works in Progress

The mosaic process is analytical by nature and allows numerous opportunities for students of all levels to participate in a meaningful assessment of their learning. The mosaic lesson plan is an invitation for students to become aware, and take control of their outcome. Step by step the process unfolds before their eyes. A conscious choice is made with each piece selected to illustrate the design.

troytroyMadison Street Fishing Pier

Title: Madison Street Fishing Pier Project
Madison Street, Troy, NY
20' x 60' Area
Ceres Zabel facilitating collaborative design with Ark Community Charter School, Collar City Clay Guild, and community members.
The City of Troy


Hudson Crossing Park

Title: Stepping Stones (Phase One)
Hudson Crossing Park, Lock 5 Schuylerville
2007 - Present
Eight Stones at 3 x 3 Feet Each
Ceres Zabel and John Evans
Sixth Grade Students at Schuylerville School, and Odyssey Students
Hudson Crossing Park, SPAF 2008 Project Grant, Schuylerville Art in Residences Program, OSFA, and Community Members

The mission of Hudson Crossing Park is to tie environmental responsibility to economic revitalization and to engage people of all ages in making informed choices for a sustainable future. To achieve the mission there are three objectives:

  • To foster environmental stewardship
  • To emphasize the area's natural, cultural, and economic history
  • To establish a public park that is an educational and recreational destination

Hudson Crossing Park has joined with the distinguished artists of the Odyssey School of Fine Arts to create a unique opportunity for community members to make the mosaics for the Hudson Crossing Park Play Garden. Due to the amount of labor it takes to produce them, mosaics have traditionally been a collaborative art form.

Participants who registered for the Mosaic Stepping Stones Workshop were taught how to set glass tiles for a series of stepping stones that are installed along the main path of the Play Garden.  The stones tell a story of life along the river. Visitors to the park can follow the mosaic tour from beginning to end, reading colorful imagery from nature and science.

This program was funded in part by the Decentralization Program, a regrant program
of the New York State Council on the Arts, administered by the Saratoga County Arts Council.

The Play Garden is a centerpiece for the first phase of development for the Hudson Crossing Park and will be a recreational space created by community members showcasing the talents of residents of all ages.  The participants in this Mosaic Community Art Project will literally leave their mark on the Play Garden and will be able to point with pride and say, “I helped build that!”


Stevens Elementary School

Francis L. Stevens Elementary, Lake Hill Road, Ballston Lake
Fall 2008
Advised teachers on the design and creation of a school wide mosaic mural.


Town of Mechanicville

Site: Town of Mechanicville
Proposal: It is projected that mosaics will be installed throughout town as part of the Waterfront Revitalization Plan project for the City of Mechanicville.

Mosaics panels will depict scenes of historical significance of the nearby community. Images will be chosen through a community "in reach" process, coordinated with town historical societies, local archives, and area districts. Students attending classes at OSFA will prepare sections of each panel by embedding 5/16" pieces of colored glass into cement. These sub panels will then be installed on site in a prepared concrete slab to create the finished product.